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        mooSchool Summer Camp S3- Stock Screener
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        My Stock Screener

        I usually follow the MACD weekly indicator for my preferences in buying a stock or any financial instrument. The bottom cross is the point where the buyers are suppose to exceed the sellers. Thus I included this indicator in my stock screener. There are more indicators for people for example RSI and MA. It also includes a good profit to earnings ratio and a high volume of turnover for past 10 days. There are many other things that can be also used. Thus the screener can be used in a variety of different styles and types according to preferences. However, I find these things important in short term stocks.
        My Stock Screener
        Out of this screener the stock that came out is shown below.
        My Stock Screener
        SINTX tech MACD indicators shows that it is going to intersect in the bottom half where the buyers will take over the sellers. Thus, in coming weeks it has very high chance of rising.

        I suggest there are few paid indicators which might be extremely useful that are public sentiment and expert opinions. The buying and selling sentiment is also useful because it shows the chances of buying and selling in future.
        My Stock Screener
        For that I suggest a good company with a serious oversold indicator. This will show the lowest price(due to high selling) good company stocks which will give a good yield in future.

        I hope these might be some useful tips that mooers will find interesting.
        Happy Trading!
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