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Trading tips

Recently, I've always seen a lot of people buying a lot of hyped up US stocks, but in the end, they all bought a lonely one and lost more than they made money.

Why is that?
Most people refuse to take profit because they are greedy and think they can make more money as long as HODL takes a long time. But you have to know that not every stock is the same as AMC, GME, Tesla. We have to choose to take profit at just the right time. It's really difficult for some people, but you need to know that we trade stocks to make money. Making big money is definitely the happiest thing, but who can guarantee that we can make a lot of money every time rather than lose a lot of money?

My trading strategy is very simple. The main purpose is to enable you to take profits and stop losses effectively. Many people may think that my trading strategy can only bring you 1-5 points of profit per trading day, but there is something called “compound interest”. As a smart trader, we must have this “compound interest” mentality. For example, let's say I earned 50% a day on a stock that was being hyped up and then lost 70% after being cut by the bookmaker. In this situation, not only did we not make a profit, but we lost our capital. Another situation is to earn 1-5 points every day. If you continue like this every day, you can keep throwing the money you've earned into the market and continue to earn again. In this way, your profit is definitely more objective.

In summary, as long as you are not greedy, we will never be harvested by bookmakers. I have been tumbling in the stock market for several years and have paid a lot of tuition fees to bookmakers. I still have some experience; I will be publishing more technical analysis works for you in the future. But the main thing is that I want people who follow me to make money.

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