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I don't know how this could be my market but I'm curious to ...

I don't know how this could be my market but I'm curious to see if it's true
I don't know how this could be my market but I'm curious to see if it's true
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  • ChristinaLEA : I heard about him being possible dead. Don't know if it's true or not.

  • 70100479 : Why don't you think it? Good thing the techs in South Korea lol

  • Trader-101OP ChristinaLEA: yes it will be done soon it's taking awhile to bill because I wanted to be better than most I'm trying to get it I've got to see if it's possible to build it with a bot but it's not cheap it's really expensive that actually already has pattern prediction and trending stocks and it's just really really expensive it's about $5,700 a year per which isn't too bad because a to like that would be you have no idea be game-changing it's the best one on the market right now back-tested 30 years if I can include it I will if not I've got all ready to standard bots that gives updated information news things like that but I'm trying to get the other one that's really really big if I can it's all about copyright though you got to own the rights to that program that posted somewhere else so I got to see if that's how they sell it

  • ChristinaLEA Trader-101OP: Oh OK wow. I have no idea how that stuff works with bots. I'm in a few discords that have them. I had no idea it costs money like that. That's a lot to me!

  • ChristinaLEA : Wow 30 years. That's crazy! I could see how that would be a game changer for sure!

  • Trader-101OP ChristinaLEA: you have no idea this is one of the best programs on the market and they sell you the rights if you buy it unlimited year or lifetime membership for it so you can literally post anywhere you want but that's like 250k now by the year I'm not sure they met at that's what I'm checking on but it's well worth it it's back tested and it works literally it takes the indicators and chart patterns that we all look for and read and calculate everything with the algorithm and it literally tells you the pattern when the Bible not to I mean just you wouldn't believe how thorough and detailed it is

  • 70100479 : AI IS MADE MORE AND MORE USED I'M PLACES NO O E IS AWARE OF. VR AI Will Be Big for the Next Decade. performance is still in question but the market is over mid to late stage of progress same as blockchain ledgers. my real question will be the us MAKE A NEW FIAT CURRENCY. FACTS NOW IS A BETTER TIME THAN ANYTHING. LITTLE UNKNOWN FACT. NO FIAT CURRENCY HAD CURRENCY HAD FIAT CURRENCY HAD FIAT CURRENCY 30 YEARS

  • ChristinaLEA Trader-101OP: wow that's insane! it sounds amazing and like it'll pay for itself for sure!

  • ChristinaLEA 70100479: I saw a video on YouTube interwatching Raoul Pal; former Hedge Fund Manager for Goldman Sachs. He believes in Bitcoin and Gold.

  • LIVE2LEARN Trader-101OP: I didn't get this. Great that you're back.

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