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How do you cope with the rising recession risk?

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Economists surveyed by The Wall Street Journal this month, on average, put the probability of the US economy being in a recession sometime in the next 12 months at 28%, up from 18% in January and just 13% a year ago.

● Have you prepared for the possible recession?
● What are your current positions?
● What to dump and hold?
● What are the safe investments during the recession?

Share your opinions with us & Use the trading status features to win more points!

Rules & Rewards:

260 points for those who offer market insights with over 80 words and adopt features like Trading Marking, Position Details, Position Stats, and Trade Stats

100 points for those who provide authentic or helpful content with over 80 words

Duration: Apr 12–16 11:59 PM ET


Wow, another great day!
$E-mini NASDAQ 100 Futures Main(MAR3)(NQmain.US)$$Invesco QQQ Trust(QQQ.US)$$ProShares UltraPro Short QQQ ETF(SQQQ.US)$
Still showing that inverse head and shoulders. RSI is oversold. But the main trends MACD, DMA are still BEARISH. NQ did also create a double bottom for a bullish move
candle chart to show NQ still below all the MAs, and touching the bottom of the bollinger bands, meaning more upside than down on this timeline.
2 hr chart is bullish on every indi...

Coping with possible recession that may be coming...

Many are forecasting a recession and the possibility is high.
As always, my advice is to set aside funds for emergency. My funds were saved in FD accounts even though the interest rates in Singapore is very low, but it's easy to withdraw in case of emergency. The funds should be equivalent to a minimum of 8 months of your total expenses is advisable.
Relook and access your finances and reduce your debts, especially high-interest debts & credi...

Inflation & The Stock Market Crash of 2022 Might Have Just Peaked You’re Out of Time - Watch LIVE Today 5/10/2022 on YouTube!

The Stock Market Crash of 2022 has been fueled by inflation but all that may be about to change!
True Trading Group has been saying that this stock market crash could provide huge wealth-building opportunity for day traders, swing traders and long term investors including experienced & beginner traders & investors looking to get involved in the...
If the FED is as accurate as Mr Dumbo AKA Biden we are screwed !!
Jim Cramer on Monday highlighted six stocks in the travel and leisure space that he believes are investable due to their affordable price and growth potential.
With the [Federal Reserve] tightening [interest rates], the market prefers something called growth at a reasonable price, or GARP. … In other words, you want companies with better-than-average growth rates as long as their stocks have relatively cheap valuations
$Expedia(EXPE.US)$$Booking Holdings(BKNG.US)$$Marriott International(MAR.US)$$Disney(DIS.US)$$Darden Restaurants(DRI.US)$$Sysco Corp(SYY.US)$

Recession Proof

Historically, gold and real estate have a reputation as good inflation hedges. One good option for investing in gold is to buy it through an ETF, so you won’t have to actually own and protect the gold yourself. However, prices of these assets are already high and anyone looking to get in now is already rather late.
Investing into good companies for the long run is a feasible idea as long as you are not in for quick profits. Look for companies with little to no debt, which are grow...

Recession time. What to do?

Recession is coming with inflation so high now. What can we as investors do? Are we supposed to sell all our stocks? Definitely not! If we invest in our fundamentally good companies, there’s no need to sell your position. Unless you are doing trading, that’s a different matter. Traders can sell their stocks but investors should not as your time frame is long term and not short term. We should not let this recession and drop of the stock market affect our thinking and e...
Recession time. What to do?
Recession time. What to do?

Recession is gold

as an investor, happy for the recession as long we’ll planned for the unpleasant global impacted circumstance. perhaps, an apportunoyu in a decade after 1997 when most asset, precious metal, luxury items and liability shall plummet in lowest cost to be owned. beside that, stock price plunged that provide large profitable gaps in greater scale as well at Low and affordable ammount of money to buy and hodl.
in the past recession, the benchmark that financial institutions will bad...

Just Add and HOLD

Right now we should all be concentrating on building our positions. Just invest in companies that you believe in for the long term. There are some great stocks out there on sale that have great potential to grow into extremely valuable companies. Yes, you could invest in something like $Tesla(TSLA.US)$ , but keep your eyes out for other companies that have extremely great long term potential. Do your DD. I'm keeping an eye out for $The Honest(HNST.US)$ , for example.
Be safe, n...

Ready for recession

The trending suggest high possible recession on coming quarter. The FED raised interest, central bank raise OPR unit up by 0.25 while manufacturing index, inflation at its all time high. Under the circumstance, the money flow to financial institution expecting to decrease include stock market by the actions. Further, the inflation likely lowering or tightening investors available cash flow as well selecting morr assurance investing instrument such as fixed deposit or endowent ...
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