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        Premium benefits, lower fees.

        With our premium tools and services you can experience an unmatched trading experience without the high fees.


        advanced investing for all Canadians

        Low transaction fees

        Trade US stock & ETFs for only $0.0099/share. Trade CDN stock and ETFs for only 0.0149/share

        Low margin rate

        Enjoy a margin rate as low as 7.83%.

        No barriers

        No deposit minimums.

        No account fees.

        Fewer FX fees

        As low as 0.09%+USD $2

        Unlock our premium benefits today

        Advanced Market Data

        Detailed Analyst Ratings

        Premium Financial News

        Level 2 quotes for US stocks.

        Level 2 quotes for Canadian stocks.

        Analyst rating details, history, success rate, and rankings from 4000+ Wall Street analysts.

        24/7 financial news from credible sources including Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Benzinga, Investorplace, etc.

        Competitive and transparent fees

        1 Apple (Ticker: AAPL) stock price as of 8/25/2023.

        2 Other Brokerages include only certain brokerages that we compared and our data source is based on published fee schedules on their official websites. Official website of brokerages as of 8/26/2023. The brokers we refer to may have different rates for different tiers. Please visit their official websites to see details.

        Please refer to Moomoo CA Fee Schedule for more details. The above fees and pricing are applicable to eligible clients of moomoo Canada.

        US stock & ETFs

        Canadian stock & ETFs

        USD $0.0099/share

        CAD $0.014/share

        minimum USD $1.99 per trade

        minimum CAD $1.49 per trade

        Competitive pricing on moomoo for US stock trading