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        One platform to help you succeed

        in the stock market

        Your all-in-one financial app, and more.

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        Open API

        Real-time US stock level 2 quotes, for free

        Optimize your timing and strategy with 60 levels of detailed price actions.

        Customizable charting tools

        Utilize 60+ technical indicators and personalize your tools with hundreds of pre-set indicators.

        Hands-free market monitoring

        Monitor multiple stocks in multiple time frames — using up to 6 screens. 

        Gain access to our premium courses and paper trading tools to level up your trading skills.

        Premium education

        Enjoy 24/7 financial news from credible sources you can trust, including Bloomberg, Dow Jones, Benzinga, Investorplace.

        Reputable resources

        Get professional support from licensed professionals via phone, email, and live chat.

        24/7 customer care

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