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        Data source: Data consolidated of moomoo and its affiliate company, market capitalization estimated 6th July 2023

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        At moomoo, our utmost priority is to support our users in finding success in the stock markets as smoothly as possible. We strive to empower our users by providing them with advanced tools and comprehensive data that are essential for becoming professional investors. Previously, such technology was limited, complex, and costly, but now we make it accessible to you, and at no cost.


        We are more than just a comprehensive financial app; we aim to be your trusted partner throughout your entire investment journey.

        Your Investment Partner

        US$ 5.8 B

        20 M+

        Moomoo Story







        United States






        Moomoo was originally formed in Palo Alto (part of Silicon Valley), California with the commitment to solving investor's pain points, aiming to provide investors with a pro-level trading service and data.

        Moomoo entered the Singaporean market and went TOP 3 in the financial app list. Now 1 in every 4 Singaporeans choose moomoo as their investment platform.

        Moomoo is Australia's first technology broker to apply intelligent-assisted technology to investment analysis. Since its establishment in 2022, moomoo has gone on to win four investment platform awards from Wemoney.

        Moomoo aims to seize market share in Malaysia with its one-stop market information, investor education, interactive community and other unique features to promote the popularity of online investment locally.

        As soon as the moomoo application went live in Japan, it was favored by local users for its powerful one-stop market information, educational tools and community interaction.

        Help Canadian investors understand trends and seize investment opportunities with market information, investor education, community interaction and more.

        Global Collaborations

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        Customer Service

        Toronto Office

        (1) 416-640-2155

        8:30 AM to 5:30 PM EST (Monday to Friday)