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        Practice and Test Your Trading 
        Strategies Like a Pro

        Trade a wide range of stocks, options and futures with virtual funds (i.e. risk-free). Get $1 million in virtual money for stocks or options and $10 million for futures. No deposit required. No fees. No commission*.

        Are you ready to trade like a pro?

        Test Your Trading Strategies

        Practice and win rewards

        Why use paper trading?

        Paper trading is a safe place for traders to build their confidence in trading, without risking a penny

        Gain experience by finding new opportunities to trade, take profit or losses without the fear of losing money.

        Develop self-discipline to follow your trade plans with greater confidence.

        A safe place for traders to test new strategies without putting their capital at risk.

        Why use moomoo paper trading?

        Paper trading lets you trade in realistic market conditions and learn from mistakes without risking real capital.

        Powerful tools to level up your trading skills

        Trade with real-time quotes and data in a realistic simulated environment.

        Access pro-level tools and start using new charts and indicators in your strategy.

        Follow leading traders in our paper trading community to learn from their strategies.