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How to place an order

How to place an order

1. Go to Account.

2. Find Trade.

3. Enter the information required for trading.

4. Click Unlock Trade.

5. Enter your 6-digit trading password.

6. Click Buy or Sell.

To sell, you will want to tap the stock you would like to sell and then tap on the trade button on the bottom left of the app. From there, it will take you to the trade ticket page where you can designate the quantity to sell and whether you would want to trade it as a market order (MKT) or a limit order (LMT). Market orders trade at whatever the price is at the time the trade is placed, while limit orders wait until a specific price that you dictate before execution. If you were having issues when trading, see if a market order would satisfy the trade or try placing the trade during market hours (9:30 AM – 4:00 PM EST). This transaction will take two days to settle before you can withdrawal. Let us know if these solutions do not work and we can assist you from there.