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        What is the time-in-force

        For the order period, investors can choose the order validity period Time-in-force when placing an order. Choices include Day and Good-Til-Canceled.

        1. Day

        The order is valid until the day of closing, and unfilled orders will be canceled after closing (16:10 Beijing time).

        2. Good-Til-Canceled

        2.1 The order will continue to be effective until the order is fully executed, canceled or the order fails. Investors can place a pending order at an ideal price in advance.

        2.2 Attention:

          (1) Orders that have not been completed on the day will be canceled after the close auction session (16:10 Beijing time), when the Pre-opening Session starts on the next trading day (9:00 Beijing time), they will be queued and submitted as auction limit orders to Exchanges, participate in Pre-opening auction transactions.

              Please note: If the order price exceeds the 24 spread at the time of buying or selling at the time of submission to the exchange, the order will be rejected by the HKEX and become invalid, and the customer will need to place an order again.

          (2) The maximum order period is maintained at 90 natural days, and orders will be automatically canceled after the deadline.