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American depositary receipt (ADR) escrow fees

1. Introduction to ADR

ADRs (American Depository Receipts) represent ownership of non-U.S. company shares which can be traded in U.S. markets. Most of Chinese companies traded on the U.S exchange are ADRs, for example BABA, PDD & NIO etc, these companies will incur regular ADR fees, commonly at $0.02-$0.05 per share every financial year.

List of Chinese ADRs can be referred at https://www.investing.com/equities/china-adrs

2. How the ADR Fees being charged

DTC(Depository Trust Company) has started charging ADR Fees from broker-dealers and clearing firms since 2008, which in turn pass the fee to the investors. As ADR Fees settlement will take some time, Moomoo Financial Inc. will freeze the corresponding amount on the record date and deduct on the bill date.

Generally speaking, ADR Fees charging process resembles dividend paying process. Announcement date, Record date and Bill date are three important dates, ADR custodian bank will update these dates regularly.

Announcement Date: Custodian bank announce incoming ADR Fees

Record Date: Customers with settled positions on this date will be charged for ADR Fees, even if they sold the positions thereafter.

Bill Date: The actual charge date, the date may slightly differ between custodian bank to broker and broker to client due to time need for settlement.

3. ADR Fees

ADR Fees range between 2 to 5 cents per share on average, different ADRs will have different fees and bill date, if corresponding stock issues dividend during the year, ADR Fees will be deducted from the dividend amount in the name of dividend fee, if corresponding stock issues no dividend, ADR Fees should be deducted separately.

ADR Fees are charged 1 to 4 times per year normally, the frequency might be higher under special circumstances. The charge amount will be split accordingly. For example, if annual ADR Fees is 2 cents and the charging frequency is 4 times a year, 0.5 cent will be charged each time.

4. Check ADR details

The majority of ADRs are under custodian of four major banks - BNY Mellon, Deutsche Bank, Citi Bank and J.P. Morgan. You may check ADR information through their official ADR sites.

Some ADRs are under custody of a single bank, if you cannot locate information at a certain bank, please try the other 3.

4.1 BNY Mellon

After landing at BNY Mellon ADR site, select ‘Symbol’, enter stock code, ADR details will be displayed at the pop-up window.

Click ‘Distribution/DSF’ at ADR details page, then click ‘Depositary Service Fee’, you will be able to see ADR FEE details, you may also access bank announcement via the pdf icon on the page.

4.2 Deutsche Bank

Search stock code after landing at Deutsche Bank ADR site, ADR details will display after clicking ‘Advanced search’.

Click ‘Corporate Actions’ tab at the details page, ADR Fee will display after clicking ‘Service Fee’, you may also download the bank announcement from the ‘Download Documentation’ link as well.

4.3 CitiBank

Search stock symbo lafter landing at Citi Bank ADR site, ADR details will display after clicking on the stock code.

You will see ADR Fee details after clicking ‘Company DSF Notices’ at the right-hand side navigation bar, you may also download the bank announcement by clicking on the PDF sign at the ADR details page.

4.4 J.P.Morgan Bank

Search stock code at the search bar after landing at J.P.Morgan Bank ADR site, ADR details will display after clicking on the stock code.

Click ‘Fees’ tab at the ‘PROGRAM ACTIVITY’ to view ADR Fee details, you may also download the bank announcement by clicking on the PDF sign at the ADR details page.

5. ADR Fees frozen details enquiry

You may access ADR fees frozen details via: Trade-> BrokerageAccount->US->Funds on Hold->Details

6. ADR Fees deduction details enquiry

In the daily statement, pay attention to the description in the remarks, "ADR FEE RATE", the keyword is ADR.

You may access it from App via US Margin Account -> Fund Details, kindly note the entry with name "ADR Fee"