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Trade preview (estimated)

Trade Preview (Estimated) can estimate the changes of NLV (Net Liquidation Value), IM (Initial Margin), MM (Maintenance Margin), Max BP (Maximum Buying Power), and Max W/D (Maximum Withdrawal) after the order is filled. Estimations are based on quantity, direction, price, quotes, and assets. They are displayed in the trading currency. Please refer to the details below:

1. Indicators

● Direction: Choose Buy or Sell to view the estimated changes.

● Current: The current account values.

● Post-trade: The anticipated account values after the order is filled according to its direction and quantity. 

● Change: The difference between the current values and values after the order is filled.

2. Estimations

● NLV (Net Liquidation Value): The reference to evaluate the account risk level. It is the sum of cash, the market value of the securities, and funds in transit of all associated accounts.

● IM (Initial Margin): The amount of margin reserved for margin trading. When the initial margin requirement is greater than the net liquidation value, the buying power will be used up, and clients won't be able to open a new position. 

● MM (Maintenance Margin): The minimum margin reserved to prevent a forced liquidation. When the maintenance margin requirement is greater than the net liquidation value, the account will be liquidated immediately.

● Max BP (Maximum Buying Power): The maximum buying power of your account, that is, the amount available to buy stocks with the highest leverage ratio. Available buying power of individual stock may be less than the maximum buying power. 

● Max W/D (Maximum Withdrawal): The maximum amount can be withdrawn from the securities account.

Please note: Quotes and assets may change from time to time. There is no guarantee that estimations will be equal to actual changes. Estimations are for reference only, and Moomoo Financial Inc. shall not be responsible or liable for any loss incurred by Trade Preview (Estimated).