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What is a market order

A market order does not need to specify a price, and it is bought or sold at the current market price.

1. Order Placing Time

Trading Hours

09:30 a.m. - 04:00 p.m. ET.


04:00 a.m. - 09:30 a.m. ET is the pre-market trading hours for the U.S. stock market, and 04:00 p.m. - 08:00 p.m. ET is the U.S. stock market post-market trading hours.

2. Description and Precautions

2.1 When a market order is placed during the pre-market session, the system will put the order on hold and submit it to the exchange after the regular market trading begins. Although a market order can be entered during the post-market session, it may not be filled until the next regular trading session opens.

2.2 Market orders do not guarantee a specific execution price.

2.3 To prevent the execution prices of market orders from greatly deviating from expectations and causing losses, Moomoo Financial Inc. may temporarily deem the liquidity of some scenarios as insufficient and will therefore disable the placement of market orders. This will occur if at least one of the following data points is missing: best bid, best ask, or the transaction price of the day.

2.4 For the sake of risk control, the price of a market order put on hold in the system is calculated as the current price * market order multiplier, and the market order multiplier is subject to adjustment by Moomoo Financial Inc. from time to time according to market conditions. Your buying power will be reduced accordingly. After the order is filled or cancelled, the frozen part of your buying power will be released.