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        SEC Rule 606 Report Disclosure

        Moomoo Financial Inc. executes and clears all securities transactions through Interactive Brokers, our clearing broker. In compliance with Rule 606 the current quarterly report can be viewed. 

        1st Quarter, 2020 (PDF); 1st Quarter, 2020 (XML)

        2nd Quarter, 2020 (PDF); 2nd Quarter, 2020 (XML)

        3rd Quarter, 2020 (PDF); 3rd Quarter, 2020 (XML)

        4th Quarter, 2020 (PDF); 4th Quarter, 2020 (XML)

        1st Quarter, 2021 (PDF); 1st Quarter, 2021 (XML)

        2nd Quarter, 2021 (PDF); 2nd Quarter, 2021 (XML)

        3rd Quarter, 2021 (PDF); 3rd Quarter, 2021 (XML)

        4th Quarter, 2021 (PDF); 4th Quarter, 2021 (XML)

        1st Quarter, 2022 (PDF); 1st Quarter, 2022 (XML)

        2nd Quarter, 2022 (PDF); 2nd Quarter, 2022 (XML)

        3rd Quarter, 2022 (PDF); 3rd Quarter, 2022 (XML)

        4th Quarter, 2022 (PDF); 4th Quarter, 2022 (PDF); 4th Quarter, 2022 (XML); 4th Quarter, 2022 (XML)

        1st Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 1st Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 1st Quarter, 2023 (XML); 1st Quarter, 2023 (XML)

        2nd Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 2nd Quarter, 2023 (XML); 2nd Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 2nd Quarter, 2023 (XML)

        3rd Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 3rd Quarter, 2023 (XML); 3rd Quarter, 2023 (PDF); 3rd Quarter, 2023 (XML)