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Instant Deposit Agreement

This Instant Deposit Agreement (the "Agreement") sets forth the terms and conditions under which Moomoo Financial Inc. ("Moomoo Financial") will allow qualified customers to trade securities using unsettled funds in their account at Moomoo Financial. Qualifying accounts ("Instant Deposit Accounts") will be credited with funds transmitted to Moomoo Financial via verified ACH prior to settlement of such funds.

This service allows you to trade securities up to the amount in your Instant Deposit Account, including the unsettled funds. You must have a margin account at Moomoo Financial and you must maintain a minimum deposit of $2,000 or 100 percent of the purchase price of a security—whichever is less—in the Instant Deposit Account before purchasing a security. Additional deposits may be required to meet applicable margin requirements.

Subject to Moomoo Financial's approval, you may purchase securities on margin through your Instant Deposit Account. Trading on margin involves a number of significant risks, including without limitation (1) losing more funds than you have on deposit in your account, (2) increased exposure to loss in a declining market, (3) interest charges you will incur on margin loans, and (4) the risk of assets in your accounts being sold without your consent to cover a margin shortfall. You should read carefully the section on Margin Trading in your Moomoo Financial Inc. CUSTOMER AGREEMENT which discusses the terms and conditions of margin accounts and the risks of margin trading. 

Using an Instant Deposit Account and purchasing securities on margin may not be in the best interest of all customers. You should carefully consider the potential benefits and risks, including those identified above, and consult with an independent financial adviser if you have any questions. Moomoo Financial does not make any investment recommendations and is making no recommendation with respect to whether or not you should open an Instant Deposit Account. Moomoo Financial offers Instant Deposit Accounts as a service. You must evaluate whether or not it is in your best interests to utilize this service.

Moomoo Financial may terminate the status of your Instant Deposit Account, and revert the account to standard status, if (1) you fail to maintain the minimum required funds in your account, or (2) you stop payment on funds for which you were granted Instant Deposit. Any decision to re-establish an Instant Deposit Account for your benefit will be subject to Moomoo Financial's discretion and any applicable margin rules.

This Agreement will be subject to the terms and conditions of your Customer Agreement with Moomoo Financial. In addition, you should review the Disclosures on our website, available here.

By tapping or clicking the "SUBMIT"button, you: (1) acknowledge that you have carefully read and agree to the terms and conditions of this Agreement, including all incorporated disclosures and agreements; (2) evaluated the benefits and risks of opening an Instant Deposit Account; (3) subject to Moomoo Financial's approval, agree to open an Instant Deposit Account at Moomoo Financial, or convert your existing accounts at Moomoo Financial into one or more Instant Deposit Accounts, and (4) authorize Moomoo Financial to accept instructions to allow for trading no more than the amount held in your Instant Deposit Accounts.