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How to withdraw funds via wire transfer

You can withdraw funds via wire transfer.


● You may transfer funds to your personal bank account only. Please do not use a joint bank account.

● You may withdraw USD only. If you need to withdraw HKD, please exchange HKD for USD in the moomoo before initiating a withdrawal.

● You can transfer your funds to US banks and some foreign banks.

1. Wire Transfer Fees

1.1 For a transfer to a US bank, a $20 fee will be charged by the sending institution.

1.2 For a transfer to a foreign bank, a $25 fee will be charged by the sending institution.

1.3 Wire transfer fees consist of the sending institution fee, the intermediary bank fee (for an international transfer), and the receiving institution fee. Since fees vary with banks, please make sure to include the wire transfer fees in your total transfer amount.

1.4 The estimated fees would be $30-$50 in normal cases and $50-$70 for an international transfer. These estimates are for reference only, subject to actual charges. 

2. Get Ready for a Withdrawal

2.1 Tap [Trade > Securities Account > Withdraw] in moomoo.

2.2 Select Withdraw via Wire.

2.3 Select or add a bank account.

2.4 Enter an amount.

3. Withdrawal Restrictions

Your cash might be restricted from withdrawal for the following reasons.

3.1 The funds deposited via ACH will be restricted from withdrawal for four business days after they land in your account.

3.2 The securities sold have not been settled yet.

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