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Stock abbreviations - HK market

The detailed nomenclature rules are subject to the display of HKEx. Please check for details.

1. Equity securities

Q - up to eight characters, representing the name of the listed company

S - secondary listing symbol

W - company representative symbols with different voting rights structures

B - representative symbol of biochemical technology company

R - RMB trading representative symbol

RS - Securities defined as restricted (RS) securities by the U.S. Federal Securities Act

Please click here for more information about rs


The code of nomenclature for stock abbreviations of the above-mentioned products traded in RMB took effect on May 23, 2012. However, the stock abbreviations of relevant products listed before May 23, 2012 remain unchanged.

During parallel trading, if any, symbols to identify the original share page and the temporary share page will be used.

2. Hong Kong pre deposited securities

Q - up to five characters representing the issuer and/or related shares

Dr - representative symbol of pre deposited securities

S - secondary listing symbol


For the time being, there is no Chinese stock abbreviation for the pre deposited securities defined as restricted securities by the federal securities law of the United States.

3. Equity warrants

Q - up to five characters, representing the name of the relevant shares

Year - maturity year

Month - maturity month

4. Bound securities

Q - up to five characters, representing the name of the relevant shares

SS - representative symbol of bound securities

5. Securities code allocation plan

Please click here for more information about rs.

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