Yue Xiang Holdings (CHR.US) once again launches AI Wensheng video animation pilot film “Above the Waste Land”

BEIJING, April 9, 2024 - Yuexiang Holdings Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHR) announced today that it is once again launching the original AI Wensheng video animation pilot film “Above the Waste Land”.


“Above the Waste Land” is a story about a global disaster caused by the intensification of the greenhouse effect and the continuous rise in the Earth's temperature. Faced with survival, humans are forced to make choices on this wasteland. The film will be produced on a seasonal basis, with 10 episodes per season, and each episode is about 3 minutes long. “Above the Waste Land” is based on Beichen Xingyue, a big model of YueXiang Artificial Intelligence. The film was completed by Yuelingxi generative AI from design to motion effects generation.

Yuelingxi AI can accurately reflect user prompts, understand images for complex decision making, can transform still images into animations, extend video forward or backward, and generate video from still images, move the image content, make the generated Wensheng video vivid and realistic, and can present complex scenes with multiple characters, specific types of actions, and accurate details and backgrounds, etc., to achieve smooth switching and subject consistency of multi-angle lenses, so that Wensheng video has good continuity and high quality.


The launch of the pilot film “Above the Waste Land” marks the continuous self-renewal of Yuelingxi's AI multi-modal model and technology, bringing broad prospects for realistic application to domestic AIGC applications, especially animation, short drama, film production, advertising design and other industries.

About Pleasure Holdings

A domestic next-generation mobile Internet infrastructure and platform service provider, focuses on building a digital economy ecosystem integrating “platform+application+technology+industry”, providing the market with multiple application scenario platforms including “online+offline” and “virtual+reality”, and is committed to building a new Web3.0 open business system and application. Enjoy has become an important participant in promoting the innovation and development of mobile Internet.

The company has a variety of application scenarios, products and services, such as Beichen Xingyue Smart Cloud, Yuelingxi AI Creation Platform, Happy Open Platform, Enjoy Family Life, Happy Shopping, Happy Chat, Enjoy Fresh Group Purchases, Leisure Mini Games, Happy Series Program Clusters, Original IP Short Video Matrix, Online Variety, Premium Series, PGC Live Streaming, Live Delivery, and Series IP Entertainment.

Combining a high-quality lifestyle ecosystem, multi-dimensional driving platform interactive entertainment clusters, and efficient commercial monetization channels and capabilities, it is an innovative leader in the next-generation mobile Internet digital economy in China with high-quality content transmission power, traffic aggregation effects, all-media platform resource advantages, and efficient commercial monetization channels and capabilities.

As a national high-tech, specialized, and high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun, it has many national invention patents and software copyrights. It enjoys adhering to technological innovation, platform innovation, and content innovation, and will always adhere to technology-driven sustainable large-scale company development and industrial layout.

The company was listed on the US NASDAQ Stock Exchange in February 2020. The NASDAQ stock code is CHR.US, and the stock abbreviation is “Enjoy Holdings”.

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