A subtle change in trading volume

The arc bottom of the volume mentioned above takes a long time to form. However, sometimes subtle changes in volume can be confirmed within a few days, and the content of this change is very clear. If we After discovering this change and grasping it, it is possible to make a larger profit in a short period of time. But the first thing to note is that the bottom of the volume arc described in the previous section requires patience, and this section talks about You need to be careful about subtle changes in trading volume. A general prerequisite is: first, the trading volume must shrink significantly. Leaving this point is tantamount to the problem of picking stocks and catching the dark horse. The shrinking volume reflects many problems. , The most important content is that the stability of the bargaining chip is good, that is to say, no one wants to sell this stock, and the stock price does not fall at the same time, which shows that the market selling pressure has been exhausted, only on this basis , Can develop into a soaring dark horse stock.

But the dark horse stocks did not form suddenly. It looks like the dark horse stocks broke out suddenly on a certain day, but there have been many signs before. And the small changes in trading volume can best reflect this sign.

The trading volume is moderately enlarged and maintained at a certain level

Figure 1-2: Signs of the formation of dark horse stocks

Gradually zoom in and maintain a zooming trend

Figure 1-3: Signs of the formation of dark horse stocks

A kind of change is shown in Figure 1-2: the trading volume suddenly enlarges from a certain day, and then maintains a certain range, maintaining this level almost every day. This change indicates that a new force has intervened in this stock, and The planned investment of funds is included in the stock. This intervention often causes the stock price to rise, but at the close of the market, someone deliberately lowers the stock price. The purpose is clear. So we can see on the daily chart that the trading volume is enlarged At the same time, stock prices rose slightly, but often fell at the close of the market, forming a cross-star shape. It is recommended that investors browse the daily chart every day after the market closes and focus on trading volume, especially on stocks whose trading volume has shrunk significantly. Once it is found that the trading volume in the past two days has been moderately enlarged and maintained at a certain level, (the stock price forms a cross star), the stock must be listed as a key observation object and tracked.

Another change is shown in Figure 1-3. The trading volume gradually enlarges from a certain day and maintains an enlargement trend. This is also a proof that a new force is involved in the stock. Otherwise, how could it be so regular? At the same time, the stock price often shows a slight rise, and the main intention is very obvious, without disguising. The appearance of this shape indicates that the main force has no patience or time to slowly purchase goods, and has to push the stock price all the way up to purchase (quickly open positions, (Hold high and hit high). This situation is like an airplane taking off, first accelerating on the runway, once after three to five days of acceleration, it will suddenly take off and come out of a surprising market.

As mentioned earlier, the most important thing to observe the subtle changes in trading volume is to be careful. Many people simply refuse to spend time browsing the charts of all stocks, but I want to tell you that it is precisely because others are unwilling to do these subtle tasks. , You did it, so you can make other people's money. After you realize the cruelty of the stock market, you probably dare not accidentally engage in it. Please imagine that at this moment, besides you, there are thousands People are thinking about how to make money from the stock market, and you have to make their money. If you are not more meticulous and hardworking than others, then why do you make money in other people's pockets?

The thing is very simple. People who are willing to work hard find out when there is a subtle change in trading volume, and decisively buy the stock. People who are not willing to work hard do not know that this stock is brewing huge changes at this time. When the situation is clear, the stock price It rose up, and everyone rushed in, trying to share another piece of the pie, so that people with hindsight rarely make money, because when they chase the stocks, people with foresight are smiling and accepting them. Of banknotes.

So you have to take time to observe the subtle changes in trading volume. This is an effective way for your stock level to exceed others. Other qualities, such as natural speculative cells, good knowledge background, and personality factors, are not short What can be formed in time, only careful analysis and hard work, you can do it today, once you do it, you will have an advantage far superior to ordinary people.

The analysis method of volume changes can be used not only on the daily chart, but also on the weekly or hourly chart. The key is that the conclusions drawn from what kind of chart analysis can only be applied to the corresponding time period. For example, the daily chart The bottom that can be seen on the chart is often a mid-term bottom, and the subsequent uptrend may last for a month or several months, and the bottom on the hourly chart can only support more than ten hours. If you are a true long-term investor , Then the weekly chart should be used for analysis, and the bottom on the weekly chart can generally take one to several years。