Invisible foreign exchange market

Invisible foreign exchange market

Intangible foreign exchange market, also known as abstract foreign exchange market, refers to the fact that there is no specific trading place, and the buyers and sellers conduct foreign exchange transactions through telephone, telex, telegram and other means of communication, which is also the main form of modern foreign exchange market.

First, there is no definite opening and closing time.

Second, by means of telex and telex, we can communicate with foreign exchange agencies.

Third, there is a good trust relationship between the main body, otherwise, the transaction is difficult to complete. Intangible foreign exchange market has become the leading form of foreign exchange market today.

With the rapid development of Internet and telecommunication technology, banks and investors all over the world can quickly complete transactions through perfect networks, and the invisibility of foreign exchange market will be further expanded and improved. And it is precisely in the form of intangible foreign exchange market that the global foreign exchange market can be connected together through advanced communication means to form a 24-hour operation market.