南北水 | 北水大幅净买入近100亿港元,连续5日加仓中石油;南水抢筹茅台超2亿元

North and South Water | Beishui made a significant net purchase of nearly HK$10 billion, increasing CNPC's inventory for 5 consecutive days; Nanshui raised more than 200 million yuan from Maotai

Gelonghui Finance ·  Apr 16 06:13

Track the latest developments in north-south funding

On April 16, Beishang Capital sold a net sale of 2,793 billion yuan of A-shares today. Among them, Shanghai Stock Connect had net sales of 1.36 billion yuan and Shenzhen Stock Connect had net sales of 1,432 billion yuan.

Among the top ten trading stocks, Mindray Healthcare, BYD, and Tianfu Communications, which had the top three net purchases, received net sales of 416 million yuan, 377 million yuan, and 230 million yuan respectively.

Kweichow Moutai had the highest net purchases, amounting to 248 million yuan, while Changan Motor received a net purchase of 226 million yuan.


Southbound fundingNet purchases of HK$9.877 billion, of which HKEx (Shanghai) net purchases were HK$5.624 billion and HKEx (Shenzhen) net purchases were HK$4.253 billion.

Among them, net purchases of Yingfu Fund were 2,678 million, Tencent 774 million, CNPC 639 million, Bank of China 447 million, China Telecom 442 million, China Mobile 417 million, CNOOC 351 million, Xiaomi 270 million, and China Shenhua 224 million.

Anta Sports, Meituan-W, and Kuaishou-W were net sold at HK$310 million, HK$293 million, and HK$9.05 million respectively.

According to statistics, the capital has gone southAdded positions to China Mobile for 9 consecutive days, totaling HK$ billion;Increased bank positions with Bank of China for 6 consecutive days, totaling HK$2,356.58 billion;Added CNPC for 5 consecutive days, totaling HK$1,458.3.9 billion;Added CNOOC for 5 consecutive days, totaling HK$1,0987.8 million.


Nanshui focuses on individual stocks

Mindray Healthcare:It's down 3.5% today. According to the news, the EU plans to launch its first investigation into China's medical device procurement under the new tool “International Procurement Instrument” (International Procurement Instrument, or IPI), which may be announced as early as mid-April. On April 16, Mindray Healthcare said, “We have always actively implemented the concept of free trade, strictly complied with the laws, regulations and regulatory requirements of countries around the world, and participated in market competition in accordance with the law.”

Tianfu Communications:Today's closing was up 0.65%. Guoxin Securities released a research report saying that AI is changing the computing power cluster network architecture. On the one hand, the scale of the single training cluster continues to expand, and the proportional relationship between connectivity requirements and acceleration units is expected to further increase; on the other hand, distributed computing power clusters are expected to promote 10-20 km of DCI interconnection requirements and accelerate the “related decline.” Taken together, Marvell believes that the growth elasticity of demand for optical connectivity is expected to surpass acceleration units, and that the optical connectivity market is expected to maintain a high boom.

Kweichow Moutai:Today, it fell 0.18% to 1,670 yuan. China Galaxy Securities pointed out that the decline in Maotai's wholesale price last week caused the liquor sector to fluctuate, but the steady rebound during the week was more of an impact on short-term supply; moreover, the decline in Maotai's price price did not spread to the 1,000 yuan price band, so it is judged that it is not a systematic weakening of the fundamentals of the sector. It is expected that liquor labels that fell a lot last week will have a chance of rebounding this week

Beishui focuses on individual stocks

Tencent Holdings:Today closed down 0.85%. CMB International released a research report stating that it maintained Tencent Holdings' “buy” rating and slightly lowered its total revenue forecast for 2024 to 2026 by 1% to 2%, mainly reflecting the relatively weak gaming business. The target price was lowered from HK$450.5 to HK$445. The bank believes that Tencent's game business is still under pressure in the short term. It is estimated that revenue for the first quarter fell 2% year on year, and positive growth is expected to resume in the second quarter with the launch of new games.

CNPC shares:Today's intraday price surged more than 3%, closing up 0.67%. Dongwu Futures pointed out that against the backdrop of strong crude oil fundamentals and a gradual increase in US inflation expectations, the overall trend of oil prices is expected to be strong. On Monday, Morgan Stanley added CNPC H Shares to the list of stocks to focus on. Bank of America certificatevouchersIt also maintains a “buy” rating for CNPC. A potential surprise based on oil price and gas growth supporting stable profits, an attractive valuation of 0.8 times market account ratio, a high dividend of 7%, and a capital management action plan. The bank's target price for CNPC H shares is 9 yuan.

Anta Sports: Down 2.58% today.However, according to the Haitong Securities Research Report, Anta Sports has operated with high quality, and profitability has improved markedly. Revenue for 23 years was $62.36 billion (+16.2%), net profit attributable to mother of 10.24 billion yuan (+34.9%). If the profit and loss impact of the joint venture was 10.95 billion yuan (+44.9%), shareholders should account for 17.6% (+3.5pct) of profit ratio (excluding joint ventures), and profitability returned to the 19-year level. The operating profit margin was 24.6% (+3.7pct), mainly due to ① revenue growth driving increased operating leverage, ② the share of DTC and direct retail sales increased, ③ the Group's continued strict cost control.

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