Producer Price Index Tops Forecasts In February, Signals Anxiety Over Price Pressure Resurgence

Producer Price Index Tops Forecasts In February, Signals Anxiety Over Price Pressure Resurgence

Benzinga ·  03/14 09:14

Producer prices in the United States rose more than expected in February, echoing a similar trend observed the previous month and raising concerns about a potential resurgence in inflationary pressures.


The Producer Price Index (PPI) rose by 0.6% month-over-month in February, the Bureau of Labor Statistics reported Thursday. This increase represented an acceleration compared to January's 0.3% pace, and exceeded the expected 0.3%.


The producer inflation data comes on the heels of a February's consumer inflation report that also exceeded expectations earlier this week, presenting challenges to the anticipated adjustments in the Federal Reserve's interest rate policies.


February's PPI Report: Key Highlights


  • Headline PPI inflation rose by 0.6% on a monthly basis, up from 0.3% and exceeding the forecasted 0.3%.

  • On an annual basis, the headline PPI was 1.6% higher, up from the 0.9% witnessed in January and above the expected 1.1%.

  • When excluding volatile items such as food and energy, core PPI inched 0.3% month-over-month, down from a 0.5% acceleration in January, but above the expected 0.2%.

  • Annually, the core PPI inflation stood at 2%, above the expected 1.9%.

  • 总体PPI通货膨胀率从0.3%上升0.6%,超过了预期的0.3%。

  • 按年计算,总体生产者物价指数上涨1.6%,高于1月份的0.9%,高于预期的1.1%。

  • 不包括食品和能源等波动性项目,核心PPI同比增长0.3%,低于1月份的0.5%,但高于预期的0.2%。

  • 每年,核心生产者物价指数通胀率为2%,高于预期的1.9%。

Market Reactions


Prior to the PPI report, market-implied probabilities showed a 68% chance of a Fed rate cut in June.


Policy sensitive 2-year yields inched higher by 3 basis points to 4.66%, minutes after the report. A measure of the dollar, as tracked by the $Powershares Exchange Traded Fd Tst Db Us Dollar Index Bullish Fund Etf (UUP.US)$, rose 0.2%.

报告发布几分钟后,政策敏感的2年期国债收益率小幅上涨了3个基点,至4.66%。衡量美元的指标,如追踪的那样 $美元ETF-PowerShares DB (UUP.US)$,上涨了0.2%。

Futures on major U.S. indices trimmed gains during the premarket session. The $Invesco Exchange Traded Fd Tr S&P 500 Equal Weight Etf (RSP.US)$ closed at all-time highs on Wednesday, outperforming the cap-weighted index, as tracked by the $SPDR S&P 500 ETF (SPY.US)$.

美国主要指数期货在盘前交易时段缩减了涨幅。这个 $平均加权指数ETF-Rydex S&P (RSP.US)$ 据统计,周三收于历史新高,表现优于市值加权指数 $SPDR 标普500指数ETF (SPY.US)$

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