内房股普升 中梁控股(02272)涨11.9% 第一批“白名单”项目审批金额超5000亿元

Domestic housing stock Pusheng Zhongliang Holdings (02272) rose 11.9%. The approval amount for the first batch of “white list” projects exceeded 500 billion yuan

金吾財訊 ·  Apr 16 21:45

Jinwu Financial News | Domestic housing stocks rose 11.9%, Ocean Group (03377) and Xuhui Holding Group (00884) rose more than 5%, Shimao Group (00813) and Sunac China (01918) rose more than 4%, Xincheng Development (01030) rose more than 3%, Longhu Group (00960) and China Jinmao (00817) rose nearly 2%.

By the end of March, commercial banks had completed the review of all the first batch of “white list” projects promoted by the urban real estate financing coordination mechanism. Of these, the number of approved projects exceeded 2,100, with a total amount exceeding 520 billion yuan. Some unqualified projects had been fed back to the coordination mechanism.

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