Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway (00177): “22 Ninghai-G1” will pay interest on April 22

Zhitong Finance ·  Apr 15 06:29

Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway (00177) issued an announcement. In 2022, Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway Co., Ltd. targets...

According to Zhitong Finance App, Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway (00177) announced that Jiangsu Ninghu Expressway Co., Ltd. will publicly issue corporate bonds (Phase 1) (hereinafter referred to as “current bonds”) to professional investors in 2022 and will begin paying interest from April 20, 2023 to April 19, 2024 on April 22, 2024.

Current bond abbreviation: 22 Ninghu G1. The total amount issued is RMB 1 billion, the coupon interest rate (annual interest rate) is 2.9%, the face value of each bond lot is 1,000 yuan, and the interest payment is RMB 29 (tax included).

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