Enjoy Holdings (CHR.US) blockchain technology won another national invention patent

Beijing, April 2, 2024. Yuexiang Holdings Co., Ltd. (NASDAQ: CHR) announced today that the company's self-developed “An NFT Trading Method and System” has obtained an invention patent certificate issued by the State Intellectual Property Office. The invention solves transaction security problems in the digital collection transaction process and the defect of not protecting the content of digital collections, realizes the security protection of transactions and content protection of digital collections, and safely realizes the transaction and transfer of irreplaceable tokens, which represents the company's strong strength in the field of blockchain technology.


The invention relates to the field of NFT trading technology, including: authenticating the real name of the buyer and seller, performing grayscale analysis of framed images of the seller's digital collection after real name authentication to obtain address codes for the seller's digital collection; using framed images of the digital collection as watermark constituent images to obtain all digital watermark images; testing the watermark usability of all digital watermark images, obtaining all usable watermark images, and selecting the best watermark images; obtaining the seller's encrypted digital collection based on the best watermark image; and generating the digital collection transaction contract when fulfilling the contract; When effective, the seller will sell The number of pixel replacements and address codes for the optimal watermark image of the digital collection are sent to the buyer.

The NFT trading system is a digital asset trading system that has rapidly become popular around the world in recent years. It enables the transaction and transfer of irreplaceable tokens through blockchain technology, and the application scenarios of the NFT trading system are very wide.

About Pleasure Holdings

A domestic next-generation mobile Internet infrastructure and platform service provider, focuses on building a digital economy ecosystem integrating “platform+application+technology+industry”, providing the market with multiple application scenario platforms including “online+offline” and “virtual+reality”, and is committed to building a new Web3.0 open business system and application. Enjoy has become an important participant in promoting the innovation and development of mobile Internet.

The company has a variety of application scenarios, products and services, such as Beichen Xingyue Smart Cloud, Yuelingxi AI Creation Platform, Happy Open Platform, Enjoy Family Life, Happy Shopping, Happy Chat, Enjoy Fresh Group Purchases, Leisure Mini Games, Happy Series Program Clusters, Original IP Short Video Matrix, Online Variety, Premium Series, PGC Live Streaming, Live Delivery, and Series IP Entertainment.

Combining a high-quality lifestyle ecosystem, multi-dimensional driving platform interactive entertainment clusters, and efficient commercial monetization channels and capabilities, it is an innovative leader in the next-generation mobile Internet digital economy in China with high-quality content transmission power, traffic aggregation effects, all-media platform resource advantages, and efficient commercial monetization channels and capabilities.

As a national high-tech, specialized, and high-tech enterprise in Zhongguancun, it has many national invention patents and software copyrights. It enjoys adhering to technological innovation, platform innovation, and content innovation, and will always adhere to technology-driven sustainable large-scale company development and industrial layout.

The company was listed on the US NASDAQ Stock Exchange in February 2020. The NASDAQ stock code is CHR.US, and the stock abbreviation is “Enjoy Holdings”.

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