Earnings Call Summary | Vitru(VTRU.US) Q4 2023 Earnings Conference

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The following is a summary of the Vitru Limited (VTRU) Q4 2023 Earnings Call Transcript:

Financial Performance:

  • Vitru has seen a 15.4% rise in the core digital education undergraduate business alongside a 10% increase in average ticket value.

  • The revenue for this core segment has increased 42% in 2023, with the overall revenue up by 49%.

  • Adjusted EBITDA also increased 60% resulting in a margin increase from 33.9% to 36.6%.

  • Cash flow from operations saw a 71% rise, adjusting the cash flow conversion rate to 96%.

  • Despite a decrease in debt, the consolidated adjusted net income saw an around 24% increase, reaching R$253 million in 2023.

Business Progress:

  • Vitru made progress in the migration process from Nasdaq to B3 and saw substantial growth across its digital education undergraduate, graduate, and on-campus segments.

  • The total student base has grown to 884,000, with the majority enrolled in digital courses.

  • The integration with UniCesumar is reportedly ahead of schedule.

  • The company sees gains in scale and cost-cutting opportunities for 2024, particularly in contracts impacting both costs and G&A.

  • Vitru anticipates that better retention practices at Uniasselvi will lead to higher EBTIDA margins.

More details: Vitru IR

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