旷逸国际 [01683] 现报0.1港元,下跌幅达 18.03%

Kuangyi International [01683] is now reported at HK$0.1, a decrease of 18.03%

金吾財訊 ·  Dec 15, 2023 00:44

As of 13:44, Relaxation International [01683] reported HK$0.1, down HK$0.022 or 18.03% from yesterday's closing price of HK$0.122, with a turnover of HK$616,600, today's highest price of HK$0.115, and the lowest price of HK$0.098. Based on yesterday's closing price, the 10-day average price is HK$0.12 and the 50-day average price of HK$0.15. The current market profit ratio is -11.40 times, and the 14-day strength index is 45.35.

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