12 Consumer Discretionary Stocks Moving In Thursday's Intraday Session

Benzinga ·  10/20/2023 01:31

GainersChijet Motor Co (NASDAQ:CJET) stock increased by 22.8% to $2.8 during Thursday's regular session. The current volume of 704.8K shares is 601.2% of Chijet Motor Co's average full-day volume over the last 100 days (last updated at 13:30 EST). The market value of their outstanding shares is at $449.3 million. Esports Entertainment (NASDAQ:GMBLP) shares moved upwards by 16.75% to $4.46. E-Home Household Service (NASDAQ:EJH) shares moved upwards by 9.14% to $1.79. As of 13:30 EST, E-Home Household Service's stock is trading at a volume of 2.6 million, which is 268.1% of its average full-day volume over the last 100 days. The company's market cap

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