Evaxion Biotech analyst ratings

Benzinga Analyst Ratings ·  Jul 18, 2022 10:34
Date Upside/Downside Analyst Firm Price Target Change Rating Change Previous / Current Rating
07/18/2022 545.16% Oppenheimer → $16 Assumes → Outperform
03/02/2021 625.81% Oppenheimer → $18 Initiates Coverage On → Outperform

Evaxion Biotech Questions & Answers

What is the target price for Evaxion Biotech (EVAX)?

The latest price target for Evaxion Biotech (NASDAQ: EVAX) was reported by Oppenheimer on July 18, 2022. The analyst firm set a price target for $16.00 expecting EVAX to rise to within 12 months (a possible 545.16% upside). 1 analyst firms have reported ratings in the last year.

What is the most recent analyst rating for Evaxion Biotech (EVAX)?

The latest analyst rating for Evaxion Biotech (NASDAQ: EVAX) was provided by Oppenheimer, and Evaxion Biotech their outperform rating.

When is the next analyst rating going to be posted or updated for Evaxion Biotech (EVAX)?

Analysts arrive at stock ratings after doing extensive research, which includes going through public financial statements, talking to executives and customers of Evaxion Biotech, and listening in to earnings conference calls. Most analysts do this every three months, so you should get 4 ratings per company per firm each year. The last rating for Evaxion Biotech was filed on July 18, 2022 so you should expect the next rating to be made available sometime around July 18, 2023.

Is the Analyst Rating Evaxion Biotech (EVAX) correct?

While ratings are subjective and will change, the latest Evaxion Biotech (EVAX) rating was a with a price target of $0.00 to $16.00. The current price Evaxion Biotech (EVAX) is trading at is $2.48, which is within the analyst's predicted range.

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