The $2,000 Bike That Can't Move: Is The Peloton Fad Officially Over?

The $2,000 Bike That Can't Move: Is The Peloton Fad Officially Over?

价值 2,000 美元的无法移动的自行车:Peloton Fad 正式结束了吗?
Benzinga ·  05/16 17:38

Business Insider's Emily Stewart may not have just written the Peloton Interactive Inc (NASDAQ:PTON) obituary, but her assessment indicates that the exercise bike company is about to kick the bucket.


What Happened: Stewart's article, which came out on Wednesday, outlines why the tech-based fitness company is headed "to the fitness fad graveyard."
Now, it's no secret that Peloton's stock has struggled. While the SPDR S&P 500 Trust ETF (NYSE:SPY) and overall market hit new all-time highs this week, Peloton's stock traded down more than 97% from its highs and more than 83% lower than what it opened at in the fall of 2019.

发生了什么:斯图尔特周三发表的文章概述了这家以科技为基础的健身公司走向 “健身时尚墓地” 的原因。
现在,Peloton 的股票一直处于困境已经不是什么秘密了。尽管SPDR标准普尔500指数信托ETF(纽约证券交易所代码:SPY)和整个市场本周创下历史新高,但Peloton的股票交易价格较高下跌了97%以上,比2019年秋季的开盘价下跌了83%以上。

Stewart, a Peloton user herself, points out that some of the company's problems were brought on by unfortunate circumstances.


Work-from-home and at-home workouts created a pull-forward effect for Peloton. But bike demand subsided quicker than the company could ramp up production.
The fitness industry also has a habit of welcoming one workout trend after another. Eventually, they become fads.
As Stewart puts it: Jazzercise, Zumba, CrossFit, Pilates, Cardio Barre, "or, well, you get the point... Fitness is a lot like fashion."

在家办公和在家锻炼为 Peloton 带来了拉动效应。但是自行车需求的消退速度超过了该公司提高产量的速度。
正如斯图尔特所说:Jazzercise、Zumba、CrossFit、Pilates、Cardio Barre,“或者,好吧,你明白了...健身很像时尚。”

Why It Matters: Peloton's market capitalization currently hovers at around $1.44 billion (it was $49.3 billion in January 2021). That may be concerning for the private equity suitors that are reportedly circling the struggling company.


Another concern is the fact that the CEO tasked with turning the company around, Barry McCarthy, is already leaving after joining in 2022.


Whether it's failing to attract new customers, cut into market share with new products, or keep legacy users engaged, Peloton clearly has some growth issues outside of its valuation and stock performance.

无论是未能吸引新客户、通过新产品削减市场份额,还是保持传统用户的参与度,Peloton 在估值和股票表现之外显然存在一些增长问题。

Price Action: The New York-based company's share price closed Thursday at $3.89, down 4.42%.
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