Why Warrantee (WRNT) Shares Are Nosediving

Why Warrantee (WRNT) Shares Are Nosediving

Benzinga ·  04/22 15:52

Warrantee Inc (NASDAQ:WRNT) shares are trading lower by 29% to $0.30 during Monday's session after the company announced receipt of a Nasdaq delisting determination and a plan to appeal.

Warrantee Inc(纳斯达克股票代码:WRNT)在周一的交易中股价下跌29%,至0.30美元,此前该公司宣布收到纳斯达克退市决定和上诉计划。

The company received the staff determination letter from Nasdaq on April 15. This letter stated that due to the company's failure to meet the minimum bid price requirement for continued listing on Nasdaq, its securities would be delisted unless an appeal is requested. The company had been notified of its non-compliance on October 13, 2023, and was given until April 10, 2024, to rectify the issue.


The company says it is exploring various options, including a reverse stock split, and will keep shareholders informed of any significant updates.


How To Buy WRNT Stock

如何购买 WRNT 股票

By now you're likely curious about how to participate in the market for Warrantee – be it to purchase shares, or even attempt to bet against the company.


Buying shares is typically done through a brokerage account. You can find a list of possible trading platforms here. Many will allow you to buy 'fractional shares,' which allows you to own portions of stock without buying an entire share. For example, some stock, like Berkshire Hathaway, or, can cost thousands of dollars to own just one share. However, if you only want to invest a fraction of that, brokerages will allow you to do so.

购买股票通常通过经纪账户完成。您可以在此处找到可能的交易平台列表。许多股票允许您购买 “部分股票”,这使您无需购买整股即可拥有部分股票。例如,某些股票,例如伯克希尔·哈撒韦公司或亚马逊,仅拥有一股股票可能要花费数千美元。但是,如果您只想投资其中的一小部分,经纪公司将允许您这样做。

In the the case of Warrantee, which is trading at $0.29 as of publishing time, $100 would buy you 344.83 shares of stock.


If you're looking to bet against a company, the process is more complex. You'll need access to an options trading platform, or a broker who will allow you to 'go short' a share of stock by lending you the shares to sell. The process of shorting a stock can be found at this resource. Otherwise, if your broker allows you to trade options, you can either buy a put option, or sell a call option at a strike price above where shares are currently trading – either way it allows you to profit off of the share price decline.

如果你想对一家公司下注,这个过程会更加复杂。您需要访问期权交易平台或经纪商,该经纪人将允许您 “空头” 一股股票,将股票借给您。可以在此资源中找到做空股票的过程。否则,如果您的经纪人允许您交易期权,您可以买入看跌期权,也可以以高于当前股票交易价格的行使价卖出看涨期权——无论哪种方式,它都允许您从股价下跌中获利。

According to data from Benzinga Pro, WRNT has a 52-week high of $5.85 and a 52-week low of $0.25.

根据Benzinga Pro的数据,WRNT的52周高点为5.85美元,52周低点为0.25美元。

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