Birkenstock Announces Megan Kulick as Director Investor Relations

Birkenstock Announces Megan Kulick as Director Investor Relations

Accesswire ·  04/16 16:30

LONDON, UK / ACCESSWIRE / April 16, 2024 / Birkenstock Holding plc ("BIRKENSTOCK" or the "Company") (NYSE:BIRK), announced today the appointment of Megan Kulick to Director Investor Relations, effective April 15, 2024. Based in New York, Ms. Kulick will report to the Board of Directors of the Company.

英国伦敦/ACCESSWIRE/2024年4月16日/伯肯斯托克控股有限公司(“BIRKENSTOCK” 或 “公司”)(纽约证券交易所代码:BIRK)今天宣布任命梅根·库利克为投资者关系董事,自2024年4月15日起生效。库利克女士将常驻纽约,向公司董事会汇报。

Oliver Reichert, CEO of the BIRKENSTOCK Group and Member of the Board of Directors of the Company: "It was extremely important for us to fill the position with an Investor Relations Professional who not only has a high reputation in the market and an excellent professional background, but also speaks the language of the Street and whom we trust to convey our unique equity story in the most credible and effective way. Her background as an analyst, investor and IR professional positions her well to convey BIRKENSTOCK's strategies and outcomes to the investment community and other key stakeholders."

BIRKENSTOCK集团首席执行官兼公司董事会成员Oliver Reichert表示:“对于我们来说,聘用一位投资者关系专业人员来填补这个职位极为重要,他不仅在市场上享有很高的声誉和出色的专业背景,而且还能说华尔街的语言,我们相信他能够以最可信和最有效的方式传达我们独特的股票故事。她作为分析师、投资者和投资者关系专业人士的背景使她能够很好地向投资界和其他主要利益相关者传达BIRKENSTOCK的战略和成果。”

Ms. Kulick brings over 20 years of strong and international financial experience spanning investor relations, equity research, and portfolio management at top tier U.S. banks and large listed corporations. Most recently she led Investor Relations for Cresco Labs. Prior to that she held several senior positions, including the role of Head of Investor Relations at AYR Wellness Inc., Senior Vice President at PIMCO, Director at Merrill Lynch, and VP at JPMorgan Chase. Megan began her career at Merrill Lynch in Equity Research covering Telecommunications Services.

库利克女士拥有超过20年的丰富国际金融经验,涵盖美国顶级银行和大型上市公司的投资者关系、股票研究和投资组合管理。最近,她负责Cresco Labs的投资者关系。在此之前,她曾担任多个高级职位,包括AYR Wellness Inc. 的投资者关系主管、PIMCO的高级副总裁、美林证券的董事和摩根大通的副总裁。梅根的职业生涯始于美林证券的股票研究,涵盖电信服务。

Ms. Kulick holds a bachelor's degree in Business Administration and Finance from the University of Michigan and an MBA from the Colombia Business School.

Kulick 女士拥有密歇根大学工商管理和金融学士学位以及哥伦比亚商学院工商管理硕士学位。



Birkenstock Holding plc is the ultimate parent company of Birkenstock Group B.V. & Co. KG and its subsidiaries (the "Birkenstock Group"). BIRKENSTOCK is a global brand which embraces all consumers regardless of geography, gender, age and income and which is committed to a clear purpose - encouraging proper foot health. Deeply rooted in studies of the biomechanics of the human foot and backed by a family tradition of shoemaking that can be traced back to 1774, BIRKENSTOCK is a timeless «super brand» with a brand universe that transcends product categories and ranges from entry-level to luxury price points while addressing the growing need for a conscious and active lifestyle. Function, quality and tradition are the core values of the Zeitgeist brand which features products in the footwear, sleep systems and natural cosmetics categories. BIRKENSTOCK is the inventor of the footbed and has shaped the principle of walking as intended by nature ("Naturgewolltes Gehen").

伯肯斯托克控股有限公司是伯肯斯托克集团股份有限公司的最终母公司。KG 及其子公司(“伯肯斯托克集团”)。BIRKENSTOCK 是一个全球品牌,涵盖所有消费者,无论其地域、性别、年龄和收入如何,并致力于一个明确的目标——鼓励足部健康。BIRKENSTOCK 深深扎根于对人足生物力学的研究,并以可追溯到 1774 年的家族制鞋传统为后盾,是一个永恒的 “超级品牌”,其品牌范围超越了产品类别,从入门级到奢侈品价格不等,同时满足了人们对自觉和积极生活方式日益增长的需求。功能、质量和传统是Zeitgeist品牌的核心价值观,该品牌以鞋类、睡眠系统和天然化妆品类别的产品为特色。BIRKENSTOCK 是鞋垫的发明者,它塑造了自然界所期望的行走原则(“Naturgewolltes Gehen”)。

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