Applied UV's Subsidiary Has Purchased the Continuing Business and a Multi-Year Exclusive Global Licensing Agreement With Element Designs

Applied UV's Subsidiary Has Purchased the Continuing Business and a Multi-Year Exclusive Global Licensing Agreement With Element Designs

Applied UV的子公司已与Element Designs购买了持续业务和多年期全球独家许可协议
GlobeNewswire ·  02/29 07:00
  • Element Designs is a well-established designer and fabricator of large scale and public metal systems such as custom water cascades and fountains, outdoor monumental furnishings, and public green-walls.
  • MunnWorks expects to integrate Element Designs manufacturing into its hospitality case goods and furnishings business utilizing MunnWorks' domestic 100,000 sq. ft. facility [including its metal fabrication technology] and grow revenues by leveraging its sales, marketing and global distribution network without a meaningful increase in overhead or administrative cost.
  • MunnWorks has acquired the continuing future sales "the business" and the related rights, exclusively, by agreeing to pay 10% of net realized revenues arising from this purchase. There is no equity payment or debt assumed in this purchase agreement.
  • The Licensor has represented to MunnWorks that the annual revenues since 2017 has ranged between $3 million and $5 million annually. Given the increase in resources now available to Element Designs from MunnWorks [ such as MunnWorks current national sales organization and its extensive customer base] MunnWorks believes that Element Designs post transaction revenues could significantly increase.
  • By incorporating and consolidating the new sales and manufacturing within MunnWorks existing overhead and facility, the positive contributing margins will be immediately accretive.
  • Element Designs是一家知名的大型和公共金属系统的设计师和制造商,例如定制的瀑布和喷泉、户外纪念性家具和公共绿墙。
  • MunnWorks预计将利用MunnWorks的国内100,000平方英尺的工厂(包括其金属加工技术)将Element Designs的制造整合到其酒店案例用品和家具业务中,并在不显著增加管理费用或管理成本的情况下利用其销售、营销和全球分销网络来增加收入。
  • 通过同意支付本次收购产生的净已实现收入的10%,MunnWorks仅收购了未来持续销售 “业务” 及相关权利。本收购协议中没有股权支付或负债。
  • 许可方已向MunnWorks表示,自2017年以来,年收入在300万至500万美元之间。鉴于MunnWorks现在向Element Designs提供的资源有所增加(例如MunnWorks目前的全国销售组织及其广泛的客户群),MunnWorks认为Element Designs的交易后收入可能会显著增加。
  • 通过将新的销售和制造整合到MunnWorks现有的管理费用和设施中,正利润率将立即增加。

NEW YORK, NY, Feb. 29, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- via NewMediaWire –Applied UV, Inc. ("Applied UV" or the "Company") (Nasdaq: AUVI), a leader in smart building technology solutions, today announced that its subsidiary, MunnWorks, has entered into a multi-year exclusive global licensing agreement with the purchase of the continuing business of Element Designs Collaborative ("Element Designs"), an established designer and fabricator of custom outdoor systems for commercial and public space property owners. The three-year agreement, which may be extended, is exclusive for the design, production and distribution of Element Design water Feature and fountains, landscape systems, monumental outdoor furnishings, and green-walls. The founding team of Element Designs will join MunnWorks.

纽约州纽约,2024年2月29日(GLOBE NEWSWIRE)——智能建筑技术解决方案的领导者应用紫外线有限公司(“应用紫外线” 或 “公司”)(纳斯达克股票代码:AUVI)今天宣布,其子公司MunnWorks已签订一项为期多年的全球独家许可协议,收购知名设计师和元素设计协作公司(“Element Designs”)的持续业务为商业和公共空间财产所有者定制户外系统的制造商。这份为期三年的协议可能会延长,仅限于Element Design水景和喷泉、景观系统、纪念性户外家具和绿墙的设计、制作和分销。Element Designs 的创始团队将加入 MunnWorks。

Founded over 10 years ago, Element Designs services commercial and public clients and has been involved with many notable projects, such as the World Trade Center Memorial, Lincoln Center, and JFK Airport, as well as projects throughout the U.S. and internationally. Applied UV's subsidiaries, MunnWorks and SteriLumen, intend to incorporate their respective Smart Buildings technology, such as decorative lighting and compressed air into Element Design's systems in order to minimize energy usage and maximize the visual effects to further enhance the experience of the public and thereby enhance the value of the property maximizing the ROI for ownership.

Element Designs成立于10年前,为商业和公共客户提供服务,并参与了许多著名的项目,例如世界贸易中心纪念馆、林肯中心和肯尼迪国际机场,以及美国各地和国际上的项目。Applied UV的子公司MunnWorks和SteriluMen打算将各自的智能建筑技术(例如装饰照明和压缩空气)整合到Element Design的系统中,以最大限度地减少能源使用并最大化视觉效果,从而进一步增强公众体验,从而提高房产的价值,最大限度地提高所有权的投资回报率。

The key product areas MunnWorks and Design Elements plan to collaborate on include the following:


• Water Features (streamlined water and lighting designs, wall and plaza fountains, introduce large scale fountains for interior use, such as was recently installed at Dubai International Airport)
• Monumental Landscape Furnishings (pergolas, privacy screens, and very large outdoor metal
• Preserved Green-walls (Preserved natural foliage set within a moss wall system)
• Outdoor interactive systems for public spaces

• 纪念性景观家具(凉棚、隐私屏风和超大型户外金属)
• 保留的绿色墙壁(保留在苔藓墙系统中的天然树叶)
• 公共空间的户外互动系统

"We are thrilled to announce this partnership with Element Designs. For more than 10 years, Element Designs has provided creative, elegant design enhancements for commercial and public properties across the globe. Together we look forward to bringing the same beautiful custom furnishings and exquisite details, while incorporating many of our innovative Smart Building technologies, to elevate outdoor space throughout the U.S. and globally," said Max Munn, CEO of Applied UV Inc.

“我们很高兴宣布与Element Designs建立合作伙伴关系。十多年来,Element Designs为全球的商业和公共物业提供了创意、优雅的设计改进。Applied UV Inc.首席执行官马克斯·蒙恩说,我们期待共同带来同样精美的定制家具和精美的细节,同时整合我们的许多创新的智能建筑技术,以提升整个美国和全球的户外空间。

Munn added, "As industry leaders in high-end case goods and furnishings, and a reputation for delivering high-quality products, MunnWorks is strategically positioned to support and grow this business by leveraging our significant manufacturing facility in the U.S., along with our extensive sales, marketing and distribution reach in numerous verticals. We feel there is tremendous runway for growth and we're confident this will be a successful venture."


Privately held, Element Design, expects its revenues to grow dramatically in the next three years. For more information about Element Design, please visit

私人控股的Element Design预计,其收入将在未来三年内急剧增长。有关元素设计的更多信息,请访问

About Applied UV


Applied UV Inc. is dedicated to developing and acquiring smart building technologies for healthcare, hospitality, commercial and municipal markets. With SteriLumen, MunnWorks, LED Supply Co., and PURO, the company has a diverse portfolio that addresses various needs in the market. Applied UV Inc. is committed to innovation and excellence in providing solutions for a healthier and smarter world. More details about Applied UV, Inc., and its subsidiaries can be found at

Applied UV Inc. 致力于为医疗保健、酒店、商业和市政市场开发和收购智能建筑技术。凭借SteriluMen、MunnWorks、LED Supply Co. 和PURO,该公司拥有多元化的产品组合,可以满足市场的各种需求。Applied UV Inc. 致力于创新和卓越,为更健康、更智能的世界提供解决方案。有关Applied UV, Inc. 及其子公司的更多详细信息,请访问

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