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        Margin Rates
        as Low as 6.8%
        Low margin rate and no commission trading
        All-in-One professional platforms
        What is Margin Trading?
        Trading securities on margin* is most commonly understood as borrowing money from a broker to buy a stock.When buying on margin, the investor uses the marginable securities or cash in their brokerage account as collateral to secure the loan. The collateralized loan comes with an interest rate that will be calculated periodically and charged. While margin trading increases your purchasing power, it’s important to understand that with the potential for higher returns, there’s also more risk.
        How Margin Trading works?
        Margin trading allows investors to borrow funds from a broker to purchase securities, using the marginable cash and securities already held in their account as collateral. Brokerage customers who sign a margin agreement can generally borrow up to 50% of the purchase price of new marginable investments. Learn more
        Margin Rate
        (balance < $25K)
        TD Ameritrade
        Charles Schwab
        Data Sources:Official website of brokerages as of 5/10/2023
        Low Margin Rates* ,
        $0 Commission
        Pay $0 in commission and get margin interest rates*as low as 6.8% on moomoo. See pricing for details
        Open an account
        Sign up and register now
        Fund your account
        Deposit at least $2000 to use the margin account
        Start buying on margin
        Start margin trading on moomoo with $0 commission
        Understanding the Risks of Margin Trading
        Margin trading should only be pursued by experienced traders with high-risk tolerance . Even experienced trader may have losses far higher than their original investment.
        Before you start margin borrowing, you should know the risks:
        • You must regularly monitor your account to help manage market risk from the fluctuations of your chosen securities.
        • Leveraging investments increases risk, as you must pay the loan regardless of the underlying securities’ values.
        • Margin loan interest rates may increase at any time, which would increase your costs.
        • There are account value requirements that must be met, and your securities may be liquidated.
        Learn More about
        Margin Trading
        Everything You Need To Know About Margin Accounts
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        What is Margin Call And How Can You Avoid The Risks?
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        What is the Benefit of a Margin Trading?

        With Margin trading you could :
        1. Use the cash or securities in your account as leverage
        2. Build your toolbox and diversify your strategies with the ability to short-sell
        3. Adding margin trading to your strategy may help expand your portfolios

        Why use moomoo margin trading?

        • Low margin rate and no commission trading
        Pay $0 in commission* and get margin interest rates as low as 6.8% on moomoo.

        • Real-time Risk Monitoring
        Easily monitor your margin balances and buying power with real-time updates and alerts.

        • All-in-One tools and platform
        A powerful suite of tools for research and analysis on mobile and desktop, including stock screeners with 100+ indicators, advanced charting tools, and AI-driven alerts.

        • High-quality data to power your decision-making
        Take advantage of real-time level 2 market data*, daily short-sale analyses, and market news from 200+ resources and more.

        • Dedicated Customer Service
        Get support from licensed professionals via phone, email, or live chat for any questions on margin trading.

        What's the minimum net asset to use margin on moomoo?

        You can buy on margin if you have net assets of $2,000.

        How do I trade using margin on the moomoo app?

        To trade margin on the moomoo app, you must first open a brokerage account with Mooomoo Financial Inc.
        Simply click ‘Quotes’ at the bottom left-hand side of the app. Locate the stock that you are interested in. Look for the 'Long Margin' icon to see if a stock is available for buying on margin, then tap the trade button. See our video to learn more.
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