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Expand your trading potential
Empower your trading journey with access to
TradingView's award-winning charting and analytical tools.

While there's no commissions, other fees may still apply. Visit moomoo.com/us/pricing for more info. Margin Rate is subject to change.
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Benefit from moomoo and TradingView features
Commission-free and low-margin rate trading
Invest in stocks, ETFs, and options with $0 commission and access a 6.8% low margin rate with a moomoo account directly from the TradingView charts.

Get inspired with TradingView's 60M+ Community

Never trade alone again. Join the TradingView community, where you can access thousands of trading ideas and custom indicators.

Pro-level tools
and features
Watchlists, alerts, and live news that are seamlessly integrated into your charting and trading dashboard across multiple TradingView platforms.
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TradingView charting features

20 interactive and responsive chart types with 110+ drawing tools and a wide range of customizations.
Industry-leading charts
Advanced technical analysis
400+ pre-built indicators for popular strategies and thousands more custom-built in the community.
Unmissable alerts
Never miss a trading opportunity with 13 notification conditions on price, indicators, and strategies.
Powerful analytical suite
Stock screener with 100+ descriptive and technical criteria, financial news, and corporate statements.
Strategy tester
Simulate trading activity and use historical data to test various strategies and setups with detailed reports.

Pine Script(TM) language

Lightweight and powerful programming language for developing your own indicators and strategies.

How to connect moomoo on TradingView

Step 1:
Open or log into your moomoo account
Log into your moomoo account or create your moomoo trading account in 10 minutes or less.
Step 2:
Connect moomoo to your TradingView account
Once your moomoo account has been opened, go to the moomoo broker profile page on TradingView and click "Trade".

You can now begin trading with your moomoo account on the TradingView platform!

Navigate the market with greater confidence
with moomoo and TradingView
Moomoo and TradingView provides you with the pro-level tools and insights needed to make better informed trading decisions. Unlock potential new trading opportunities with moomoo on TradingView and enjoy competitive fees, advanced charting features, and access to real-time data.



Trade wherever you go

Enhance your experience with additional features of
the powerful desktop application.