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Moomoo Financial Inc. fee schedule

Updated on 13, April 2022 EST

Moomoo Financial Inc. Fee Schedule for U.S. Residents

1. U.S. Stocks

1.1 Commission

Note: Stocks include Stocks, ETFs and ETNs.

1.2 Platform Fees

Note: *Promotion begins on Nov 2018 and may end at anytime with 30 days notification ahead.

1.3 Regulatory Fees

1.4 US Corporate Action

2. Options

2.1 Trading Fees

2.2 Platform Fees

2.3 Regulatory Fees


1. The Options Regulatory Fee (ORF) is a pass-through fee that the OCC collects from clearing members. As is standard industry practice, these fees are passed from the clearing broker to Moomoo Financial Inc. to end clients.

2. The OCC fees are fees charged by the OCC to its members. Like the ORF, these fees are passed through from the clearing broker to Moomoo Financial Inc. to Moomoo Financial Inc.'s clients

3. Hong Kong Stocks

3.1 Commission

3.2 Platform Fees

3.3 Regulatory Fees

Note: FRC Transaction Levy will be effective from January 1, 2022.

3.4 HK Corporate Action

4. China A-shares

4.1 Commission

4.2 Platform Fees

4.3 Regulatory Fees

4.4 China A-Share Corporate Action

5. Margin Rate

Note: We reserve the right to amend our margin interest rate from time to time in response to changes in prevailing interest rates and other factors. The Margin Rate is subject to change without notice.

6. Service Fees


1. Additional wire transfer fees charged by any originating, intermediary, or recipient bank may apply.

2. Only DTC Transfer available.

3. Transfer two stocks BABA and APPLE from Moomoo Financial Inc. to other brokers. The transfer fee is $75 *2 is $150.
4. As of ADR conversion, one lot consists of 100 ADS, and less than one lot is rounded up to one lot.

7. Currency Exchange

Moomoo Financial Inc. charges a fee for converting currencies.  The amount of the fee varies depending on the currency and may be up to 300 basis points.  Should you have any questions regarding the conversion fee, please email our customer service team.

If you would like to know the fees for Non-U.S. residentClick here.