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        What to do with failed ACH deposits

        Here are some common reasons for and solutions to failed ACH deposits:


        1. Your bank account has not been updated

        In this case, you need to update your bank account. Please go to the bank account list page and tap Update. Please go to the bank account list page and tap Update. For details, please refer to How to update my ACH bank account.


        2. Your bank account details do not match your profile

        You may be depositing money from someone else's bank account. Please use your own bank account instead. If you believe we made a mistake, please send an email to cs@us.moomoo.com, attaching your current bank account statement.
        Note: Please do not use a third-party or corporate bank account.

        3. Insufficient balance

        The balance in your bank account is found to be insufficient after an account check or when your money is to be transferred. Please keep sufficient funds in your bank account within a few days after you submit a deposit request.

        4. Other reasons

        It is usually because your bank refused to transfer your money out of your bank account. Please contact your bank, or send an email to cs@us.moomoo.com for assistance.

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