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        Why can’t I use my instant buying power

        You may not be able to use instant buying power in the following cases: 

        1. Deposit under Review

        After you initiate an ACH deposit, we need to review your account information before granting instant buying power to you. In some cases, the account review needs to be conducted manually during working hours. Once the review is done, you will receive instant buying power.

        2. ACH Deposit Cancelled or Failing

        If you cancel your ACH deposit, or your ACH deposit fails because, for example, you have insufficient funds in your bank account or your bank does not support ACH transfers, your instant buying power will be withdrawn. 

        3. ACH Return

        If the bank rejects your ACH deposit request after you are granted instant buying power, you may be deemed as committing a breach. Depending on the breach, your maximum instant buying power may be reduced, and your access to instant buying power may be unavailable.

        4. Reaching Upper Limits

        There are upper limits to your instant buying power. If you have used up your instant buying power, it will not be available until your ACH deposit lands in your account. You can check your maximum instant buying power by going to [Deposit > Deposit via ACH > Instant Buying Power].

        5. ACH Deposit Completed

        Once your ACH deposit lands in your account, the cash balance in your stock trading account will increase, and your instant buying power will be withdrawn.

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