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        Cash coupons

        1. Cash Coupons

        Cash coupons are prizes that can be won in events organized by Moomoo Financial Inc. You can use the cash coupons by exchanging them for cash rewards. Cash will be credited to your brokerage account at Moomoo Financial Inc. within 3 trading days after you have used the cash coupons.

        2. Rules for using cash coupons

        A customer must have a valid and corresponding brokerage account at Moomoo Financial Inc. to receive the cash reward.

        Only one cash coupon may be used at any one time. 

        A cash coupon may only be used once.

        Cash coupons must be used through the App by going to "Me-Coupons".

        Cash rewards will be directly credited to the customer’s securities account after use.

        3. Other terms and conditions

        The cash coupon is part of Moomoo Financial Inc.'s incentive program and is not an offer or solicitation for any financial products or services and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendation. 

        All investments involve risks. Moomoo Financial Inc. does not provide investment advice and does not make recommendations. Investors should seek advice from their financial advisers to determine if the products and services offered by Moomoo Financial Inc. are appropriate for the customer’s individual circumstances. 

        In the event of any dispute, Moomoo Financial Inc. reserves the right to interpret the terms, conditions, or rules of its promotions, including the one above. Moomoo Financial Inc. reserve the right to change or modify the terms, conditions, or rules of all its promotions at any time without notice.