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Stock cards

The stock card program is a specially designed initiative for existing Moomoo Financial Inc. users. You can earn a stock card by participating in certain activities.

1. How can I get a stock card?

You will need to look out for certain activities or promotions, which will be available from time to time. You will be eligible to receive a stock card by participating in and meeting the conditions of the activities or promotions. 

2. What can I do with the stock card to exchange the stock?

You can go to "Me-Coupons". After selecting the stock card, click the "Redeem" button to exchange for stocks.

3. How can I check the stocks that I have exchanged? 

The stocks you successfully exchanged will be placed in "Trade-Brokerage Account-Unclaimed stock". You can go to the corresponding stock market's securities account holding page to receive them according to whether the stocks you get are Hong Kong stocks or US stocks.

4. Why does the stock given to me still show a cost?

The 「cost」 displayed for the gifted stock is the market price of the stock when you received the stock. This is not the cost you incurred, but it enables you to track the movement (e.g., profit or loss) of the stock. 

5. Why does the stock sent to me show that it is 'out of stock'?

The stocks for the incentive program may have been redeemed fully at that moment. Moomoo Financial Inc. will purchase more stocks as soon as practicable and make the gift stock available for your collection.

6. I am entitled to free stock cards. Why do I need to open a brokerage account to claim the stock?

You must open a Moomoo Financial Inc. brokerage account before using the stock cards. When you are entitled to claim free stocks by using the stock cards, you need to have a Moomoo Financial Inc. brokerage account that is approved for trading the gifted stock. That way, Moomoo Financial Inc. will be able to credit the stock to your account. 

7. Other terms and conditions

The stock card is part of Moomoo Financial Inc.'s incentive program and is not an offer or solicitation for any financial products or services and should not be construed as investment advice or recommendation. 

All investment involves risks. Moomoo Financial Inc. does not provide investment advice and does not make recommendations. Investors should seek advice from their financial advisers to determine if the products and services offered by Moomoo Financial Inc. are appropriate for the customer’s individual circumstances. 

In the event of any dispute, Moomoo Financial Inc. reserves the right to interpret the terms, conditions, or rules of its promotions, including the one above. Moomoo Financial Inc. reserves the right to change or modify the terms, conditions, or rules of all its promotions at any time without notice.