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FAQ about ACH

Which Currency Can I Deposit?

Only U.S. dollar is supported.

How To Cancel a Deposit?

You can cancel a deposit before 17:00 EST

But if you are using margin, you can not cancel your deposit.

How To Deal with Failed Deposit

Below are the common reasons and solutions.

Reason: Please update your bank account

You need to verify again your bank account, please go to the banking page, find the bank account list and click UPDATE.

Reason: Moomoo Financial Inc. only accepts deposit from the same person

We found that you were using a bank account belongs to others, if you claim that it is a false alarm, you can write to cs@us.moomoo.com including your bank statement.

Reason: Insufficient balance

You don't have sufficient balance at the time you submit the request at the time Moomoo Financial Inc. initiates the transaction from the bank.