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        IPO P/L

        1. P/L

        Total P/LTotal P/L = Total Profit + Total Loss;

        Total Profit: the sum of stock  P/L with positive returns;
        Total Loss: the sum of stock  P/L with negative returns;

        YieldYield = Total P/L / Total Allotted Amount;Stock Yield = P/L / Allotted Amount;
        Overall Average Holding PeriodOverall Average Holding Period: the average number of holding days for all IPO stocks since the account has opened;

        The number of days to hold a single IPO stock: Calculated from the date of announcement of the successful lottery to the date when the number of successful lotteries of the stock is completely cleared;

        Update toFrom the account opening date to the latest settlement date;

        2. Subscription Analysis

        Allotted RateAllotted Rate = number of allotted IPO stocks/number of subscriptions; 

        Number of Subscriptions: the number of times of subscriptions that the subscription money is successfully deducted;
        Number of Allotted Amounts: the number of stocks that are allotted;

        Winning RateWinning Rate = number of the stock with positive returns/losses;

        Number of Profits: Among the number of allotted stocks, the number of stocks with positive return;
        Number of Losses: Among the number of allotted stocks, the number of stocks with the negative return;

        3. Subscription Details Explanation

        Profit and loss of a single new stockProfit and loss of a single new stock = sale transaction amount + remaining market value-winning amount-selling transaction cost-subscription handling fee-winning lottery fee-bank financing subscription interest fee;
        Holding DaysThe cumulative number of days from the allotted date to the day when all the allotted shares sold out;
        Avg Sell PriceAmount sold/quantity sold;

        The subscription analysis of "G-MKT Chg%""Allotted Rate"" Subscription Times""Subscription Method"  are not supported for the time being. 

        4. Questions

        1. What is the difference between the profit and loss amount of new stocks and the profit and loss calculated by the profit and loss analysis?

        The statistics of the "IPO P/L" module only count the profit and loss of the number of winning stocks. After the number of shares that have been awarded is cleared, the profit and loss will no longer be counted in the "IPO P/L". The profit and loss statistics of "P/L Analysis" will calculate the profit and loss of new stocks and the profit and loss of holding positions together, so the profit and loss of the two will be different.

        2. Why is the profit and loss amount negative for stocks that are not allotted?

        Since the P&L includes the subscription fee and the transaction fee. The stock that are not alloted will show the negative P&L.

        3. How does the calculation of the "total P&L" determine that we are selling the allotted stock?

        We calculate the profit and loss amount on a first-in, first-out basis. Example: If you win 100 shares, buy another 100 shares on the day of listing, and then sell 200 shares, the "IPO P/L" will only count the profit and loss of the 100 allotted stockes ( transaction fees will be shared proportionally, this In the example, 50% of the transaction fee will be included in the "IPO P/L"), and the total profit and loss of selling 200 shares can be viewed in the "P/L Analysis".