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        How to recover the original strategies

        How to recover the original strategies that have been modified multiple times? Here is the answer.

        Method 1: Using the Undo button

        If you made only a few modifications to a strategy, you can recover it by using the Undo button.

        Go to the [Quant] tab > [My Strategies], and you will find the Undo button in the upper right corner of the canvas (the keyboard shortcut is Ctrl + Z).

        Note: You can undo up to 10 modifications; therefore, strategies being modified too many times may not be recovered.

        Method 2: Importing the original strategies

        If the original strategies have been deleted, you can recover them by importing them.

        Go to the [Quant] tab > [My Strategies], click on the [+] button, and select the strategy(ies) to be imported.

        You can download the original strategies via the following links:

        Dual Moving Average Strategy:Dual Moving Average Strategy.quant

        Grid Trading Strategy:Grid Trading Strategy.quant


        Martingale Strategy:Martingale Strategy.quant

        Options Near Expiration Strategy:Options Near Expiration Strategy.quant

        Bracket Order(Buy):Bracket Order(Buy).quant

        Bracket Order(Sell):Bracket Order(Sell).quant

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