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Outstanding contributor

1. What is an outstanding contributor?

Moomoo users who continue to share professional knowledge, experience, and other high-quality content in the Moo community will be awarded the honorary title of "Outstanding Contributor", and the honor icon will be displayed on the personal homepage and other pages.

2. What behaviors and data will be used in the evaluation of outstanding contributors?

The Moo community will comprehensively evaluate outstanding contributors and their areas based on user originality, initial launch, activity, user influence, clear positioning, and professional qualifications.

3. In what scenarios will the outstanding contributor's honor icon be canceled?

3.1 The posts contribution value does not meet the evaluation criteria of outstanding contributors when the following things happen.

● Users who have not posted high-quality posts for a long time.

● Delete contributed high-quality content or other actions.

3.2 Violation of the "Moo Community Standards" and does not meet the qualifications of becoming outstanding contributors.

*Moo reserves the right of final interpretation to the above content within the sphere permitted by law. If you have any suggestions, please contact