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How to try moomoo Quant Trading

1. What functionality does moomoo Quant Trading support?

It supports strategy creating, backtest, and live trading.

Create a Quant Strategy in 3 Steps. No Programming Required

2. Is there a fee for this function, and how to get early access?

This function is available for free. You can give it a try by joining our official discussion groups. Or contact us by email.


QQ group:

Note: This function is in the public beta stage, and some features need improvement. You are welcome to try and give feedback. If you have any problem, please let us know in the groups.

3. Capabilities:

Platform: moomoo for Windows(not available for Mac, Androidi , or iOS)

Brokerage: FUTU HK, FUTU US, and FUTU SG

Strategy running: local running (You cannot host strategies on servers)

Market data:

The following market data is supported, and the permissions for market data are the same as those on your current Windows device.


Backtest and live trading are supported (simulated trading is not available for now).

4. Instructional video

Click here to watch.