Psychological skills for trading

(1) Self-regulation

Many people repeatedly make mistakes in the stock market, and the reason is mainly due to the lack of strict self-discipline control. It is easy to be confused by the market illusion, and eventually end up in a total loss.

(2) Pleasant

It is very dangerous to engage in securities investing with an unbalanced body and mind, and easy investing could helpmake easy profits.

(3) Decisiveness

Success lies in the timing and decision.

(4) Humble, not conceited

In the stock market, don't be too conceited and never assume that you know everything. In fact, no one has a thorough understanding of any stock.

(5) The courage to admit mistakes

Once the investment direction proved wrong, you should give up the original view as soon as possible, maintain the strength, hold the capital, waiting for the next proper opportunityafter adjustments.


Remember, it's better to explorethe path on your own in the stock market than to copy others' words.

(7) Inspiration.

Market experts are often able to generate imagination to predict the future through observation and feeling.