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Z77 Singtel 10
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Business Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
Group Consumer--8.79B56.18%
Group Enterprise--5.94B37.96%
Group Digital Life--915.7M5.85%
Region Unit:SGD
nameYOYOperating income%
United States and other countries--1.41B9.00%
Company Overview More
Singapore Telecommunications is Singapore's leading telecoms company. It owns extensive wired and wireless networks offering data and voice services to a broad customer base. Singtel's diverse investment portfolio spreads across the region. The firm wholly owns Optus in Australia and minority equity stakes in Airtel (33%) in India; Telkomsel (35%) in Indonesia; Globe Telecom (47%) in the Philippines; and Advanced Information Services (23%) and Intouch (21%) in Thailand. Singtel is majority-owned by the Singapore government.
Country: Singapore