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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
Choon Phong GohExecutive Non-Independent Director and Chief Executive Officer----------07/03/2020
Mr. Choon Phong GohChief Executive Officer and Director------57male07/01/2021
Ming-Kaye Brenton WuCompany Secretary----------07/03/2020
Swee Wah MakExecutive Vice President - Operations ----------07/03/2020
Lik Hsin LeeExecutive Vice President - Commercial ----------07/03/2020
Kai Ping TanExecutive Vice President - Finance & Strategy ----------07/03/2020
Pee Teck TanSenior Vice President - Cabin Crew----------07/03/2020
Yau Seng ChinSenior Vice President - Cargo----------07/03/2020
Wen Fen LeeSenior Vice President - Corporate Planning----------07/03/2020
Phee Teik YeohSenior Vice President - Customer Experience----------07/03/2020
Meng Hung Marvin TanSenior Vice President - Customer Services & Operations ----------07/03/2020
Hwa Peng LauSenior Vice President - Engineering ----------07/03/2020
Stephen BarnesSenior Vice President - Finance----------07/03/2020
Chew Eng QuaySenior Vice President - Flight Operations----------07/03/2020
Wee Leng Vanessa NgSenior Vice President - Human Resources ----------07/03/2020
Wei Jun George WangSenior Vice President - Information Technology----------07/03/2020
Jo-Ann TanActing Senior Vice President - Marketing Planning----------07/03/2020
Lim Huat Peter SeahNon-Executive Independent Chairman of the Board----------07/03/2020
Mr. Lim Huat Peter SeahChairman of the Board------74male07/01/2021
Gautam BanerjeeNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Tsun-Yan HsiehNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Chiu Fai Dominic HoNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Kim Shin LeeNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Sae Peng Simon CheongNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
David John GledhillNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Swee Chen GohNon-Executive Independent Director----------07/03/2020
Mr. Tsun-Yan HsiehIndependent Director------68male07/01/2021
Mr. Gautam BanerjeeIndependent Director------66male07/01/2021
Ms. Kai Yuan Jeanette WongIndependent Director------61female07/01/2021
Ms. Swee Chen GohIndependent Director------60female07/01/2021
Mr. Chiu Fai Dominic HoIndependent Director------70male07/01/2021
Mr. Sae Peng Simon CheongIndependent Director------64male07/01/2021
Mr. David John GledhillIndependent Director------59male07/01/2021
Mr. Kim Shin LeeIndependent Director------60male07/01/2021
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