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Multi-dimentional Analyses
Company Valuation Capital Tracking Short Selling Data
NTES NetEase
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Total revenue
14.81% 23.56B 18.92% 87.61B 23.34% 24.37B 18.93% 22.19B
Operating revenue
14.81% 23.56B 18.92% 87.61B 23.34% 24.37B 18.93% 22.19B
Cost of revenue
13.26% 10.72B 17.16% 40.64B 16.49% 11.46B 18.33% 10.38B
Gross profit
16.14% 12.84B 20.49% 46.97B 30.12% 12.92B 19.47% 11.81B
Operating expense
8.15% 7.33B 24.99% 30.55B 20.15% 8.31B 14.54% 8.04B
Selling and administrative expenses
5.77% 3.93B 17.07% 16.48B 14.81% 4.46B 1.13% 4.27B
-Selling and marketing expense
5.38% 2.92B 14.11% 12.21B 7.27% 3.3B -8.97% 3.13B
-General and administrative expense
6.9% 1.02B 26.45% 4.26B 43.45% 1.16B 45.48% 1.14B
Research and development costs
11.04% 3.4B 35.75% 14.08B 27.01% 3.85B 34.86% 3.76B
Operating profit
28.8% 5.51B 12.92% 16.42B 53% 4.61B 31.53% 3.78B
Net non-operating interest income expense
17.82% 458.24M -4.94% 1.52B -3.65% 395.03M -21.79% 349.55M
Non-operating interest income
17.82% 458.24M -4.94% 1.52B -3.65% 395.03M -21.79% 349.55M
Other net income (expense)
-138.33% -430.25M 514.11% 3.17B 182.38% 1.59B 103.5% 6.34M
Gain on sale of security
-166.34% -646.58M 263.59% 2.46B 162.51% 1.3B 61.73% -111.3M
Other non- operating income (expenses)
46.2% 216.33M -3.63% 710.44M 113.35% 297.24M 7% 117.64M
Income before tax
-4.36% 5.54B 37.29% 21.1B 343.48% 6.6B 31.72% 4.13B
Income tax
-4.25% 1.22B 35.72% 4.13B 69% 933.99M 135.67% 807.65M
Net income
-4.38% 4.32B 37.68% 16.98B 505.74% 5.66B 18.97% 3.32B
Net income continuous Operations
-4.38% 4.32B 37.68% 16.98B 505.74% 5.66B 18.97% 3.32B
Net income discontinuous operations
-- -- -- 0 -- -- -- --
Minority interest income
-205.01% -78.26M -55.38% 119.35M 23.05% -31.45M 169.18% 141.66M
Net income attributable to the parent company
-1.02% 4.39B 39.74% 16.86B 483.6% 5.69B 6.12% 3.18B
Preferred stock dividends
Other preferred stock dividends
Net income attributable to common stockholders
-1.02% 4.39B 39.74% 16.86B 483.6% 5.69B 6.12% 3.18B
Basic earnings per share
0.75% 6.7 38.9% 25.35 500% 8.7 7.87% 4.8
Diluted earnings per share
1.53% 6.65 39.17% 25.05 489.66% 8.55 9.2% 4.75
Dividend per share
552% 2.5749 -17.47% 5.2965 12.07% 1.4376 -23.84% 1.5532
Currency Unit
Accounting Standards
Audit Opinions
--Unqualified Opinion----

FY: Financial Year Annual Report, which is equivalent to the 10-K file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC.

Q: Quarterly report, which is equivalent to the 10-Q file disclosed by the listed company to the SEC, where Q1, Q2, Q3, and Q4 are single quarterly reports with a span of 3 months; Q6 and Q9 are cumulative quarterly reports, and Q6 is 6 months , Q9 is 9 months.

The MOM data from the Quarterly report,MOM=(current period - last period)/last period *100%

Company Overview More
NetEase, Inc. provides online services focusing on diverse content, community, communication, and commerce in the Peoples’ Republic of China and internationally. The company operates in three segments: Online Game Services, Youdao, Cloud Music, and Innovative Businesses and Others. It develops and operates PC and mobile games, as well as offers games licensed from other game developers. The company’s products and services include Youdao Dictionary, an online knowledge tool; Youdao Translation, a tool specifically designed to support translation needs of business and leisure travelers; U-Dictionary, an online dictionary and translation app; Youdao Kids’ Dictionary, a smart and fun tool; smart devices, such as Youdao Dictionary Pen, Youdao Listening Pod, Youdao Smart Lamp, Youdao Pocket Translator, and Youdao Super Dictionary; online courses; interactive learning apps; enterprise services, such as Youdao Smart Learning Terminal, a device that automates paper-based homework processing and provides learning diagnosis through artificial intelligence technology at schools; and Youdao Smart Cloud, a cloud-based platform that allows third-party app developers, smart device brands and manufacturers to access advanced optical character recognition capabilities and neural machine translation engine. Its products and services also include NetEase Cloud Music, a music streaming platform; Yanxuan, an e-commerce platform, which sells private label products, including consumer electronics, food, apparel, homeware, kitchenware, and other general merchandise; NetEase Media, an internet media platform; NetEase Mail, an email service; NetEase CC Live streaming, a live streaming platform with a focus on game broadcasting; and NetEase Pay, a payment platform. The company was formerly known as, Inc. and changed its name to NetEase, Inc. in March 2012. NetEase, Inc. was founded in 1997 and is headquartered in Hangzhou, the People’s Republic of China.
CEO: Ding, Lei
Market: NASDAQ
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