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NamePositionSalaryService DateEducationAgeGenderUpdated
Mr. Ruiwen KeChief Executive Officer and Chairman of the Board------58male04/14/2022
Mr. Zhengmao LiChief Operating Officer, Director and President------59male04/14/2022
Mr. Guiqing LiuDirector and Executive Vice President508.00K----55male04/14/2022
Mr. Ke TangDirector and Executive Vice President------47male04/14/2022
Mr. Guanglu ShaoDirector------58male04/14/2022
Mr. Shengguang ChenDirector------58male04/14/2022
Mr. Hau Yin Aloysius TseIndependent Director------74male04/14/2022
Professor Erming XuIndependent Director250.00K----72male04/14/2022
Ms. Hsuehming WangIndependent Director266.00K----72female04/14/2022
Mr. Chi Wai Jason YeungIndependent Director266.00K----67male04/14/2022
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China Telecom is the largest fixed-line operator in China, originally covering 21 southern provinces. It has 108 million fixed-line subscribers, 179 million broadband customers, and 390 million wireless subscribers, having overtaken China Unicom to become the second-largest wireless operator in China behind China Mobile. The firm is increasing its cross-selling of products and seeing strong growth from industrial digitization services, such as internet data centers and cloud computing. Its internet data center business is already the largest in China, with 487,000 cabinets.
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